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Scar Treatment With Silicone Gels

FDA Approved Cheek Filler - Seattle Plastic SurgeryWhat if you could erase unsightly scars – with a gel? Perhaps you’ve already tried these with over-the-counter treatments. Now, another hybrid of gel in the plastic surgery field promises excellent results for scars that are sunken or swollen. Good examples include skin that’s prone to keloids or hypertrophic scars from chicken pox for instance.

The type of gel referred to in this article is called silicone gel. Let’s explore how it works, and why you need it:

Types of Scars

When it comes to physical scars, there’s no one size or color being dealt with. Each scar comes with its own story – most of which are painful reminders of an illness, accident or trauma. It cuts deeper than a physical blemish alone. Scars can also have many psychological side effects including PTSD. No wonder many individuals will do whatever it takes to rid themselves of this unpleasant memento.

The type of scar found is based on:

  • The racial makeup of patients – as each skin type affects how scars heal and look after months or years.
  • The depth of the cut – some scars will heal over nicely, while others cut so deep, they’re hard to miss with swelling and redness.
  • The type of accident – some sudden accidents may cause swelling and irritation, serving even more as a prompter to get rid of the scar.

Other factors apply. In medical terminology, scars are further subcategorized. These include keloids, hypertrophic scars and others.

The Solution

One clear solution based on clinical trials is the silicone gel, mentioned earlier. Its benefits include:

  • Transparency – patients can go on about their daily lives while healing the scar. The gel has no color, so it’s clear.
  • Self-Drying – apply in the mornings or whenever you choose. It doesn’t take up any part of the daily routine, drying on its own within four minutes.
  • All Day Effectiveness – the gel contains polymers that bind to the scar and work all day long.
  • Relief from Irritability – the gel has been widely credited with reducing the discomforts of asymptotic scarring like swelling, itchiness and redness.
  • Measurable Results – most importantly, silicone gels provide the following results in traceable form, based on studies: there will be a 65-85% reduction in texture, color and height of scars. Plus, the more you use, the more results are seen.

During your next dermatologist visit, ask about the availability of silicone gels for scars.