Bel Red Center for Aesthetic Surgery
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Your Initial Consultation

your-initial-consultationAt the Bel-Red Center for Aesthetic Surgery we strive to make your cosmetic renewal informed and stress-free to put you at ease. During your initial consultation Dr. Zemplenyi and our friendly staff will spend the time to answer questions and provide you with information about treatments to achieve your objectives. Our motto “Your concerns are our priority” will become apparent during the initial consultation. You will also obtain a written quote of the total cost of the treatment. We find computerized imaging useful for discussion of rhinoplasty (“nose job”), chin augmentation, neck & body liposuction contouring and breast augmentation surgery.

consultationDr. Zemplenyi will review your aesthetic goals and expectations to find out if they are achievable and realistic. Photographs of patients who have undergone similar procedures will further inform your decision. Results of plastic surgery are not only dependent on the skill of the surgeon but also on the age, bone structure, skin texture, healing ability, and general health of the patient. Dr. Zemplenyi will use his expertise in cosmetic plastic surgery and extensive experience to aid you in determining if cosmetic plastic surgery is right for you. There are inherent risks to any surgical undertaking and cosmetic procedures are not a “cure-all.” Pertinent potential risks will be discussed with you in detail during your second consultation with Dr. Zemplenyi.