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What is Reaction ™?

Reaction ™ by Viora offers new, cutting edge technology to tighten the skin and improve body contour, all without any surgery! This FDA-approved, non-invasive treatment combines three different radiofrequency (RF) modes along with vacuum therapy to achieve its rejuvenating effects and reveal your new contour.




The RF causes gentle heating of different layers of the skin and superficial fatty tissue which stimulates the natural break up of fat cells and increases blood circulation throughout the treatment area. Application of heat at various depths below the skin surface promotes new collagen formation and shrinkage of the skin’s underlying fibers while the vacuum intensifies the process, making for deeper penetration that enhances lymphatic drainage. This combination of technologies restores the skin’s elasticity to regain a tighter, smoother appearance and breaks down fat to improve cellulite and body contour.

What areas can be treated?

We use the Viora Reaction ™ on the face and the body. Viora Reaction ™ facial treatment may be used for treatment of full face, neck, jowls, chin, marionette folds and around the eyes. Body treatments are used on inner and outer thighs, arms, buttocks, knees and abdomen. Unlike treatment with many other machines, Viora Reaction treatments are for all skin types and colors and may be performed all year round.


Why Viora?

Reaction ™ can be used safely and effectively in patients in their 30’s through 60’s to treat mild to moderate skin laxity as well as crepey, wrinkled skin. This cutting-edge technology is completely non-invasive involving no cutting or injections. Heat levels are monitored throughout the procedure and patients should experience little or no discomfort. Each session lasts 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the part of face or body treated and size of the area.


Treatment sessions are scheduled every one to three weeks depending on the precise goals of the treatment. And, maybe best of all, patients do not experience any downtime after the treatment and are able to return to daily activities immediately afterward.

Call us to schedule a consultation and to learn more about what Viora Reaction ™ can do for you! Please call us at (425) 455-7225 or contact us at


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