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Minimal-Incision Facelift

What is minimal incision-facelift?

The procedure that many of our patients have been hoping for is now available. Dr. Zemplenyi has developed the minimal-incision facelift for those who are interested in lifting and tightening but not in the more extended down-time a traditional facelift involves. The minimal-incision facelift is a minimally-invasive, new procedure designed to improve jowling, along with facial and under-the-chin sagging. This procedure, through a small incision hidden in the hairline, allows a special suturing technique to lift and tighten the deeper cheek tissues (SMAS layer) as well as the cheek skin to reduce skin sagging. The result is a younger, refreshed look as the jowls and loose upper neck tissues are lifted through a small well-hidden incision. And your rejuvenation is designed to cause minimal bruising and “down-time”.

How does the minimal-incision facelift differ from mini-facelift or thread lift?

Minimal-incision facelift (cheek lift) differs from a “short-scar” facelift, S-lift, mini-lift, thread lift, Silhouette lift, “liquid facelift”, etc. Unlike these procedures, the minimal-incision facelift is designed to deliver more predictable elevation of the cheek tissues through a short, hidden incision.

Who is a candidate for a minimal-incision facelift?

You are a candidate if you are in good health and bothered by early to moderate aging changes. Cheek jowling and laxity of the neck under the chin are targeted by this minimal procedure. Many of our patients in their mid- thirties to mid-fifties are excited about this procedure. However, men and women with more advanced aging changes will still require a standard face & neck lift and as well as other procedures.

Is the minimal-incision facelift painful?

This procedure is performed comfortably in our licensed and certified surgical facility. Dr. Zemplenyi recommends local anesthesia with oral sedation or twilight-anesthesia for your ultimate comfort.

How long is the recovery for minimal-incision facelift?

While bruising and swelling are never fully predictable, Dr. Zemplenyi’s technique is designed to minimize bruising and to enable a quick resumption of daily activities. Each individual situation is different, but you may be able to return to work in as early as one day to one week. The sutures hidden in the hairline will be removed in a week. Mild pain and tenderness is easily controlled, if necessary, with oral medication and should resolve quite rapidly.

How much does a minimal-incision facelift cost?

The minimal-incision facelift offers more predictable results than many other alternatives such as various radio-frequency tightening and ultrasound devices ( such as Venus Freeze, Thermage, Infini, ULTHERA) at a comparable price. In our experience, results of these procedures are quite variable and unpredictable. Our minimally-invasive procedure, on the other hand, yields reliable, noticeable rejuvenating improvement.

Can minimal-incision facelift be combined with other procedures?

Minimal-incision facelift (cheek lift) may be combined with other procedures. Modern, advanced face & neck rejuvenation employs a combination of procedures and modalities to achieve the ultimate pleasing goal. Minimal-incision facelift may be combined and packaged with other procedures such as blepharoplasty (eyelid lift), neck liposuction, SMART-Lipo, Viora – tightening, fillers, Botox , fat lipo-transfer and many other procedures – all available at our Bel-Red Center for Aesthetic Surgery.