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Why ‘Pre-juvenation’ Treatments Are Rising in Popularity

Why 'Pre-juvenation' Treatments Are Rising in PopularityBelieve it or not, cosmetic facial filler treatments, such as Botox treatments have been around and available for decades. Although the stereotypical candidate for facial filler treatments is the wealthy, middle-aged individual, new reports actually show that facial filler treatments are becoming increasingly popular among the under 30 crowd. Read on to learn more about these trends, and why “pre-juvenation” treatments are so popular with the younger generation.

According to a report published by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstr­uctive Surgery (AAFPRS), 64% of professional facial plastic surgeons reported an increase in cosmetic surgery or injectable facial filler treatments in younger adults under the age of 30. Most of these individuals visit a cosmetic treatment facility with the goal to stop wrinkles before they start.

Dr. Edwin Williams of AAFPRS claims that social media has played a crucial role in the increase in popularity of facial filler treatments. Dr. Williams claims, “We’re seeing an uptick in the popularity of injections like Botox, Xeomin and Dysport in millennials. Social media makes young patients increasingly aware of their lines and wrinkles, and thanks to celebrities and the internet, they know that there are ways to correct it and maintain their youthful skin.”

Many young adults in younger generations are following the notion that participating in “pre-juvenation” treatments serves as an effective preventive method of avoiding wrinkles and fine lines later in life. Additionally, the convenience, flexibility, and non-invasive nature of these cosmetic procedures are benefits that make these types of procedures more attractive for millennials.

The Bel-Red Center for Aesthetic Surgery is also seeing an increasing number of younger adults, under the age of 30, who are interested in cosmetic facial “pre-juvenation” procedures.

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