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Special Offer

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Special Pricing For Liposuction


Take advantage of the Bel-Red Center For Aesthetic Surgery special liposuction pricing. We can reshape your body by removing the fat directly from the problem areas. Start your liposuction with pricing as low as $1299* per area.

Get instant results – contact us immediately for details or to request a consultation to see if liposuction is right for you.

*Pricing is based on each area with a minimum of three areas treated, starting at $1,299 per area. BMI and health guidelines apply to per pricing area, call us for full details.

Special Pricing For Botox


* Purchase 100 units of Botox for the price of $10 a unit.

Special Pricing For Breast Augmentation (Breast Implant)

For Breast Augmentation procedures, the all-inclusive costs performed at our Bellevue plastic surgery center are: