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Renton Smart Lipo – Liposuction Body Contouring

Renton Smart LipoA safe and effective method of fat removal for decades, liposuction is a surgical procedure with a minimal amount of risk. Considered minor surgery, liposuction is performed with the use of small incisions in the skin, in conjunction with a suction procedure to eradicate fat. While a minor surgery, any surgical procedure does carry some risks, and some patients are wary to have plastic surgery. For this reason, the Bel-Red Center for Aesthetic Surgery offers Smart Lipo in Renton for those patients who would like non-invasive liposuction.

With our Smartlipo TRIPLEX technology, our doctor, Dr. Zemplenyi, uses three separate lasers to perform smart lipo procedures. In addition to being more safe than surgery, smart lipo is actually also more precise. Dr.  Zemplenyi can easily sculpt and contour with the help of the lasers.

Both men and women are often good candidates for liposuction. After an individual consultation the doctor can sit down and discuss the best course of action for each patient, whether it be surgical liposuction, smart lipo, or some other procedure.

Men and women do seem to target different areas of the body, however. Men have a tendency to receive lipo on their chin and neck, while women opt for the procedure on their stomach areas. Any area of skin with fatty deposits that is firm and elastic is a good site for lipo.

It should also be mentioned that liposuction is not a reasonable alternative for healthy living. Even after liposuction, a patient should continue to eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly. Liposuction can often be a jump start to healthy living.

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