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Rhinoplasty: Narrowing the Wide Nose

Noses come in all shapes and sizes and there as many opinions of the ideal nasal profile. Some consider the tip of the nose too bulbous or the nostrils too wide or the bridge too broad. But whatever the concern, the nose, the central feature of the face, plays an important role in a person’s confidence and interaction with others.

Rhinoplasty - Narrowing the Wide Nose 1

A broad nasal tip, wide nostrils or a low broad nasal bridge, are frequent causes of unhappiness with the appearance of the nose. People of various ethnic backgrounds, of Asian, African-American and Hispanic ethnicities, increasingly seek cosmetic improvement of these perceived cosmetic imperfections which can each be targeted for refinement with a rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty - Narrowing the Wide Nose 2Narrowing of Nasal Tip

Several techniques can be used to refine a broad nasal tip. The cartilage forming a bulbous nose can be thinned and shaped. For further definition, cartilage can be harvested from the nasal septum or behind the ear, to delineate a narrower nasal tip. The patient’s own cartilage is then carefully positioned to produce a natural, more refined nasal silhouette.
Rhinoplasty - Narrowing the Wide Nose 3
The nostril area can also be altered to address a patient’s concerns. Society’s aesthetic conventions suggest that the ideal nostril width is approximately the distance between the eyes. In addition to the width of the nostril area, the flare of the nasal alae should be analyzed to assess aesthetic concerns. There are several methods available to narrowing the nasal base and depending on the desired cosmetic result, various approaches to reshaping nostril flare. Wedge excisions, nasal sill excisions or a combination of the two can be utilized to produce a desired balanced natural appearance.


Reducting Aral Flare - Dr. Jan ZemplenyiReducing Alar Flare

A common goal of many patients is narrowing and raising of a broad and low nasal bridge. This objective can be achieved by repositioning the bones forming the bridge of the nose and adding height to the area. Wide nasal bones above the nostril can be narrowed by performing osteotomies, precision cuts from the inside, to bring the bones closer together. Building up the bridge of the nose involves layering either a synthetic material (gortex, silastic) or adding the patient’s own tissue (cartilage, bone, fascia) to achieve a proportional result of height and width. For the increasing number of patients seeking augmentation of smaller defects of the dorsum of the nose, a non-surgical rhinoplasty approach can be used. Using injection of fillers, such as Radiesse, Perlane, and the permanent Artefill, a depressed nasal bridge can be built-up to a more harmonious dimension. Similarly, divots in the nose can be evened using these fillers.

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Patient With Augmention of Nasal Bridge & Reduction of Alar Flare Surgery by Dr. Zemplenyi

At the Bel-Red Center for Aesthetic Surgery we realize that each of these corrections must take into account facial proportions for a natural effect respecting the patient’s aesthetic concept. We offer surgical rhinoplasty and non-surgical rhinoplasty addressing these concerns for the population in the ethnically diverse Seattle and Bellevue area. View our before and after gallery to see a sample of our patients and schedule a consultation for more information.