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Rhinoplasty in Seattle

Surgery on the nose (rhinoplasty or nose job) can accomplish a variety of objectives: the nose can be made to appear cosmetically better proportioned and more harmonious with the face, a broken, crooked nose following trauma can be straightened, and nasal passages can be opened to improve obstructed breathing. A combination of techniques can be used to resolve the above challenges-individually or together in a single procedure.  At Bel Red Center for Aesthetic Surgery we offer complimentary consultations for anyone considering rhinplasty in the Seattle area.

Rhinoplasty in Seattle

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Cosmetically, many treatments can be performed on the nose to give the whole face a more pleasing appearance: a bump on the bridge of the nose can be shaved down, bent septal cartilage or bones in twisted nose can be straightened, a widened tip can be narrowed with careful sculpting, the droopy nose can be reshaped and supported while an upturned, short nose can be judiciously lengthened and lowered. All nasal surgery requires careful evaluation, judgement and experience.

Nasal surgery can also resolve breathing problems, whether caused by a crooked, deviated septum, large turbinates, or broken nasal bones. Dr. Zemplenyi frequently performs these surgeries separately or can combine functional and cosmetic surgery to improve breathing and refine appearance. His many years of experience and sub-specialty training in the anatomy and techniques required for the multiple aspects of rhinoplasty make him uniquely qualified for the complexity and artistry of rhinoplasty.

Regardless of the reason your nose needs reshaping, Dr. Zemplenyi has extensive experience in this area. If you are thinking of rhinoplasty, please call (425)358-4164 to set up an appointment. During your appointment, imaging will be done to show both your ideal outcome and explain what can realistically be achieved. Dr. Zemplenyi and his staff will be happy to discuss your needs and develop a plan targeted toward making your nose both attractive and functional.