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Renton Liposuction Surgery – Smart Lipo Procedures

Renton Liposuction Surgery - Smart Lipo ProceduresSome of the favorite mantras of society today are dieting and exercise. Looking good is the desire and goal of all who make an appointment to see Dr. Zemplenyi at Bel Red Center for Aesthetic Surgery. Regardless of how much you diet and exercise, these methods will not help you change or alter the genetic shape of your body. Workouts will firm and tone your muscles, while dieting can make your body a little lighter and smaller. Renton Liposuction Surgery will help you achieve your desired look.

Why Cosmetic Liposuction Surgery?

Liposuction is the method that will bring this all into proportion. In the United states, the most commonly used cosmetic surgical procedure in women and men is liposuction. Your body fat cells remain the same in number after puberty, although they become either smaller or larger when you lose or gain weight. Once you have had liposuction to remove these cells, it is believed that they will never be replaced with new fat cells.

The Procedure

Depending on how many body areas require sculpting, the procedure of liposuction can take a minimum of 45 minutes or a good few hours. Most patients require multiple areas to be operated on during the procedure. In this way your back, thighs, hips and stomach can all be sculpted in one session.

A cannula, which is a hollow tube is used in this procedure to break up your fat cells. Dr.Zemplenyi uses a liposuction machine to vacuum out the fat simultaneously. The incisions that are made during this procedure are less than 4 millimeters long and they are mostly hidden in your body creases. Your skin needs to shrink once this procedure has been completed, if your appearance is to improve after leaving Bel Red Center.

Each area of the body may react in a different way to the liposuction process. In most instances, areas of the body that have undergone a liposuction procedure will shrink once the fat has been removed, especially in a person who has never been overweight or before pregnancy. Outer thighs and hips are known to have excellent shrinking ability after liposuction, while the inner thigh retraction ability after liposuction, can be limited.

Who Is The Ideal Candidate?

Individuals who are relatively young, have fat bulges or deposits that are isolated and have skin tone that is not very loose, are the perfect candidates for liposuction sculpting procedures offered at Bel Red Center. People who have a lot of loose skin due to weight loss are not the best candidates for liposuction, as the removal of their remaining fat cells will only increase the sagging skin. The
traditional liposuction methods are not designed to alleviate such problems as cellulite.

Liposuction Results

Liposuction is no exception to the fact that there are very few cosmetic surgery procedures offered at Renton Liposuction Surgery or Bel Red Center, that will ensure immediate results. After liposuction your skin can feel stiff or even doughy during the first months, as a result of deep tissue swelling. For several weeks the body may appear larger for certain individuals, due to this swelling.

Noticeable skin indentations will even out over a period of a few months. It will take between four to six months before any noticeable results may be seen. The proportion and contour of your body will improve given time, after your visit to Renton Liposuction Surgery for this procedure.

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