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The RedefinitionLift Procedure is a Scarless Alternative to Traditional Facelifts

Winter Facelifts - Dr. Jan ZemplenyiAre you looking for an alternative to a traditional facelift? This may be because you do not want to experience scars and other side effects that often occur with a regular facelift procedure.

For certain patients, the RedefinitionLift from Bel-Red Center may be a great alternative. The innovative Nu-Image program uses the latest in surface and deeper technologies to tighten skin, as well as volumize the face for a more youthful look.

Individually Tailored and Customized Procedure

This procedure is a minimally invasive, sequential face and neck procedure, which is individually tailored to each patient.

Depending on the needs and desires of the patient the procedure can include:

  • Viora Reaction three-level radiofrequency skin tightening, which uses a non-invasive treatment that combines different radio frequency modes in addition to vacuum therapy to provide new contours and rejuvenating effects.
  • SMART-Lipo Triplex three-frequency laser for skin tightening and contouring
  • Volumization through the use of fat or fillers combined with platelet-rich plasma
  • Skin surface rejuvenation with fractional laser treatment

The Benefits of RedefinitionLift

This procedure presents many benefits over traditional facelifts or even the Lifestyle lifts. In addition to the fact that you will have no scars from this procedure, these benefits include:

  • Less downtime with a faster recovery time, so you can quickly return to your regular schedule.
  • The scalable program can be custom-designed to fit your needs. Get the results you desire without having to undergo unnecessary procedures.
  • Can be performed under local anesthesia or twilight sleep for maximum comfort and less pain

The Difference Between the RedefinitionLift and the Lifestyle Lift

In addition to the benefits described above, the RedefinitionLift also provides benefits, which sets it apart from a Lifestyle Lift.

One of the main differences is that you will not have any scars in front or behind your ears. Also, with the RedefinitionLift, you will only need twilight sleep or local anesthetic due to the minimally invasive nature of the procedure. Additionally, you can add corset platysmaplasty, or neck rejuvenation, as part of the overall RedefinitionLift procedure.

If you are interested in the RedefinitionLift, contact the Bel-Red Center for a complimentary consultation to see how you can benefit from this exciting procedure.