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Plastic Surgery in Everett

In recent years, plastic surgery has become more safe and effective than ever before, with new technologies and procedures. In fact, with many new technologies, plastic “surgery” doesn’t require surgery at all. Patients elect to have cosmetic surgery for a number of reasons. For some, it is truly cosmetic, and for others it is to gain back self-esteem. Still others elect to have plastic surgery for medical reasons; for example, having eyelid lift surgery can significantly broaden a patient’s field of vision. Here at the Bel-Red Center for Aesthetic Surgery, we offer plastic surgery in Everett to our patients so that they can always look and feel their best.

Plastic Surgery in Everett

We offer many different procedures here at Bel-Red. Some surgical procedures include liposuction, rhinoplasty, facial reconstruction, breast augmentation and reduction, face and body contouring, and eyelid surgery. We also offer many non-invasive procedures, for those patients that would like improvement without surgery. Some of those procedures include Botox injections, and Smart Lipo, which is essentially liposuction performed with the use of laser energy.

Our resident physician is Dr. Jan Zemplenyi, who has been in practice in the field of plastic surgery since 1989. An expert in his field, the doctor is a graduate of UCLA, and has a long list of patient testimonials and success stories. Dr. Zemplenyi sits down individually with each patient to discuss options well before surgery, and to discuss outcomes and expectations. With the use of computer-generated imagery, the doctor can show each patient what they will look like post-surgery. Anesthesia is also discussed, as we offer both twilight and full sedation here in our offices.

For more information about plastic surgery in Everett, or to book an appointment, please call the Bel-Red Center for Aesthetic Surgery at (425)358-4164 to speak with a professional and discreet member of our staff.