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Olympia Liposuction – Smart Lipo Procedures

Olympia Liposuction - Smart Lipo ProceduresAlthough it is a common misconception that cosmetic liposuction surgery is only for movie stars, Olympia Liposuction Surgery helps individuals who would like their clothing to fit better, want to improve their appearance, and who are unhappy with particular parts or areas of their body, which appear to be out of proportion with the rest, regardless of who they are.

Rolls on either side of the hip area, the backs of the arms, bulging fat just below the belly button and outer thigh saddlebags are the problem areas that most women battle with. These are the areas that just don’t seem to change, regardless of diet and exercise. Your face may become slimmer and your breasts may lose volume, but the areas that are often considered a problem, remain. These areas also become bloated and more evident, quicker than any other area of your body when you gain the slightest bit of weight.

The Procedure

Dr. Zemplenyi of Bel Red Center for Aesthetic Surgery, where liposuction remains the golden standard for any type of body contouring, is ready to help you. The fat is literally sucked or vacuumed out through a cannula, or fine stainless steel tube which is inserted through a fine slit into the skin. Although to some it may seem like vacuuming a carpet, there is more to it.

Patients can end up with undulating and unpleasing surfaces, divots or unsightly grooves if their plastic surgeon does not have a certain amount of artistic flair, good judgment and expertise when he uses these instruments in their fatty areas. Dr Zemplenyi will ensure that you get the best results from your liposuction procedure. These can be quite stunning, giving you the slimmer figure and confidence you have so longed for.

Liposuction Techniques

When Cosmetic Liposuction Surgery was introduced twenty years ago a big cannulae of a centimeter diameter, was used to only suck out fat that was deeply embedded. This often resulted in the excessive hanging down of skin that was overlying. Liposuction has since evolved. The cannulae which are currently used at Bel Red Center for this procedure are very fine, only 3-4mm in diameter. This allows for sucking much closer to the skin which results in effective tightening and draping of the skin area. Sagging skin problems are rarely encountered.

Another method is also sometimes used. The “wet technique” which is a solution of salt water and anesthetics are pumped into the fat before attempting to suck. This process is far less painful and
much safer for the patient.

Dr. Zempleyni can use Ultrasound to first break down the fat cells. Power assisted handles also make it much easier to suck the fat out and ensure a smoother end result. Individuals with areas that are fatter than other body parts or body disproportion, are often the ideal candidates for liposuction. Generally patients who are fat below their belly button, and slim above it, are the perfect candidates. Good results can be achieved with true contouring and you could be moving around after only a week, once your visit to Bel Red Center is over.

Under local anesthesia at Olympia Liposuction Surgery, small areas are able to be sucked, although general anesthesia is necessary to perform surgery on multiple areas. Horror stories of plastic surgery procedures that have gone badly wrong are due to practitioners that are unlicensed or untrained physicians. Cosmetic liposuction surgery is very safe when it is performed by a professionally trained plastic surgeon, such as Dr Zempleyni. For more information or to schedule your consultation, contact Bel Red Center today at (425)358-4164!