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Natural Breast Augmentation With Fat Transfers

Breast Implant Choices - Bel-Red Plastic SurgeryWhen most people think of what a breast augmentation usually entails, breast implants often come to mind as being part of the typical process for enhancing and enlarging the breasts. As advancements in breast augmentation continue to be made to create more natural looking and feeling breasts, breast augmentation can now be performed by using the body’s own fat storage in enhancement instead of relying solely on implants to do the job.

This process of using a patient’s own fat rather than an artificial breast implant involves the removal of fat cells from places on the body that tend to host extra fatty deposits such as on the thighs, hips and abdomen (by liposuction) followed by careful transferal of the fat to the breasts where the shaping of a natural looking breast can take place.

A gentle liposuction method is used to collect the fat, purify it and then transfer it into the breasts through small tunnels to add new volume to the patient’s breasts. There are many advantages to fat transfer breast augmentation which make this procedure appealing to those who are considering enhancing their breasts.

Of course, the use of one’s own fat rather than an artificial implant means no foreign material is inserted into the body which makes many patients feel more comfortable with the procedure. Though the shape of breast implants have been constructed to mimic the natural shape of a breast, fat transfers are able to be more easily manipulated and shaped to mold to the contours of the body more exactly, resulting in an even more natural appearance and feel.

Incisions made for fat grafting augmentation are very small, especially compared to the incisions that are typical with breast implant augmentation. The incisions tend to heal leaving little to no trace or scar after treatment.

Breast augmentation with breast implants comes with the possibility of breast wrinkling or rippling due to fluctuations in weight and other changes in the skin of the breast, but breast augmentation performed with fat transfers is less susceptible to these irregularities. Additionally, the more obvious boundaries between an implant and the regular breast tissue are not an issue when a fat transfer has taken place.

Some patients may decide that one fat transfer procedure is sufficient and produces optimal results while other patients may prefer to undergo fat transfer augmentation several times until the desired results are achieved.