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Mole, Nevi And Broken Capillary Treatment

FDA Approved Cheek Filler - Seattle Plastic SurgeryAre you bothered by moles or nevi on your skin? Perhaps these are located on visible areas like the face or arms, and they make you feel self-conscious. Most moles are considered to be a simple cosmetic issue alone, and adults will have roughly 10-40 all over. The good news is that moles can be easily and painlessly removed with several cosmetic techniques including shave excisions.

How Mole Removal Works

A radio-frequency Elmed loop shaver shears off the raised area to reveal a flat and mole-free skin surface. Patients can return to routine activities immediately after the procedure, and complete healing will usually occur within fourteen days.

Following the removal of the mole or nevi, most providers will send the biopsy specimen for a pathology exam for safety’s sake and to put the patient’s mind at ease. As many of you are already aware, some moles and lesions can be cancerous, and it’s important to have these looked at by a professional at least once each year to make sure that they are nothing dangerous.

In addressing moles, patients should learn the ABCDEs of skin cancer, plus check for changes in size, color, shape and symmetry. Most moles shouldn’t exceed more than a quarter of an inch.

About Broken Capillary Treatments

In terms of red, bulging capillaries in the skin, a vascular laser or low-output electrocautery aids in the reduction of these blood vessels. The heat shrinks these down in size, and improves the skin’s appearance immediately.

To reduce any discomforts, topical anesthesia is typically applied, as well as a cooling gel. After the technique, patients can wear makeup for 24-48 hours to help conceal the area of mole removal or capillary obliteration.

Top Benefits of Mole, Nevi and Broken Capillary Treatment

  • Instant Results – get the flawless skin you’ve long-desired with innovative techniques described in this article.
  • Painless – the techniques are straightforward, given their non-invasive nature, coupled with the use of topical anesthesia.
  • No Scarring – in most cases, with the specialized skills of a highly trained provider. Clients can revealblemish-free skin – without raised moles or lesions.
  • Multipurpose Treatment – The shave excision treatment is perfect to remove skin tags, raised moles, nevi, and other skin lesions.

Do you have a wedding, reunion, or some major event coming up? Make a grand entry with a renewed and more confident you, with a quick, low-cost and pain-free trip to a cosmetic center providing mole, nevi and broken capillary treatments.