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Lynnwood Liposuction Surgery – Body Contouring

Lynnwood Liposuction Surgery performed at Bel Red Center for Aesthetic Surgery is intended to reduce the size of certain body areas, by removing excess localized fat. It is a process which increasingly more people resort to nowadays, as the operation is simple and the risks included are not significant at all. Your arms can be reshaped, as well as the anterior and posterior thorax, abdomen, thighs, buttocks and hips, legs and internal portion of the knee or submental region (goiter). If diet and exercise do not work, grease removal procedure is a method worth trying for those who want a change of body contours.

Lynnwood Liposuction Surgery

The best candidates for liposuction are those with relatively normal weight who have fat deposits in various parts of the body. The ideal patient must be healthy physically and mentally, but mostly realistic in their expectations. This procedure will not transform you overnight in a model and you will not even solve all physical problems, liposuction promises only temporary blurring of
cellulite and increase self-confidence.

Before Liposuction

Advisory liposuction surgery is the assessment by the physician patient health status. Now are determine areas of fat, skin tone is checked and, not least, elasticity of the skin. The patient should express their real desires and expectations, and the specialist will guide you in the direction valid and will draw from such limitations and preparations prior to intervention.

Dr. Zemplenyi should be informed about nutrition and lifestyle of Liposuction user mentioned as the possible periods that have been reported weight loss or fattening. Intervention is delayed for a cold or infection, and before surgery diet, smoking, iron vitamins and medicines should be avoided.

After Liposuction

After the intervention was performed moderate pain will be for 1-3 months will present skin swelling, bruising will persist for 3-4 weeks, and numbness in the area where they were liposuction can take up to several months. For a period of 7-14 days wear a compression bandage which has a role in skin retraction.

In order to achieve a fast recovery in the tub baths should be avoided for at least 7 days after surgery, alcohol and tobacco are prohibited and replaced with enough fluids as to avoid dehydration.

The healing process after liposuction requires time and patience. The results are seen only in 3-6 months and can be definitive if the patient will take a normal diet and do regular exercise. A new body and new clothes to bring its satisfaction, knowing that fattening will be uniform in the future and not just in certain areas.

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