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Liposuction For Cellulite In Redmond

Liposuction For Cellulite In Redmond

There is nothing better than knowing you can get the results you are looking for with treatments for liposuction for cellulite in Redmond. Also referred to as orange peel thighs or cottage cheese skin, this is a look that not many people welcome. If you are looking to get help with the cellulite that you have, you can trust that Bel-Red Center for Aesthetic Surgery will give you the results you are hoping for.

Cellulite is a non-medical term that you will often hear to describe the development of superficial pockets of fat that get constricted by connective tissue bands that lead from muscle to skin. These connective tissue bands will push the fat so that they form the lumps and bumps on the skin that lead to the dimpling effect. The cellulite can get worse with weight gain, with the formation of connective tissue bands that are more tightly crossed, or even by the formation of star tissue due to some sort of trauma to the area.

There are some men that will develop cellulite, but this is a cosmetic issue that is more common with women. This is also not something that will only happen for people that are overweight, as those that are of average weight can still end up with cellulite that develops around the hips, thighs and the buttock region.

If you have been trying to work on losing weight and toning your body and you still have cellulite, you can look to cellulite treatment by way of liposuction performed by a professional. Our staff at Bel-Red Center for Aesthetic Surgery will be happy to show you before and after pictures, as well as discuss the treatment with you and your financing options.

When you want to be your best self, you can look to Bel-Red Center for Aesthetic Surgery to get liposuction for cellulite in Redmond. Call us today at (425)358-4164 for more information!