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Liposuction For Cankles In Olympia

Liposuction For Cankles In Olympia

How often have you decided to select a different outfit simply because you do not want to have your cankles in plain view? If this is common, you are not alone. There are many people today who are tired of dealing with the cankles they have and are looking for treatment in the form of liposuction for cankles in Olympia.

Cankles are the combination of calves and ankles, whenever someone has the appearance that there is a lack of ankles. What happens is that the fat in the area makes it look as though the calf connects directly to your foot without there being a section for your ankle. The unfortunate truth is that this is a condition that impacts both men and women, and for most it is caused by a genetic predisposition.

Some of the common causes of cankles include:

  • Genetics – You could have other members of your family that have cankles as well, which makes it more likely that you can and will develop them yourself.
  • Pregnancy/Obesity/Medical Issues – Not only will the weight gain be an issue, but there can also be medical problems with your heart or kidneys that may lead to the development of cankles.

For some patients who have gained a bunch of weight and then lost it, it can still be difficult to lose the rest of the weight in the cankle and calf region. There are people that can get rid of some of the fatty tissue while trying a variety of exercises, but most will not get the results they are hoping for. This is when liposuction from a trained professional with an artistic eye and a wealth of experience can come in very handy.

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