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Liposuction For Cankles In Bothell

Liposuction For Cankles In Bothell

There can be a lot of issues that you may have when it comes to trying to look your best during the summer. You may not like the way that your rear end looks in your favorite shorts, or you are unhappy with your love handles in your bathing suit. However, one area that many people are afraid to admit they hide is the cankles that they have. What you should know is that you do have the ability to get liposuction for cankles in Bothell so that you no longer have to hide!

The term cankles is popularly used for referring to ankles that are fatty, swollen and thick. A combination of ankles and calf, this is the portion of the leg where a lot of people wish that they could completely overhaul. Being that the cankle is more of an aesthetic problem, there is never much of a medical cause for alarm with fat in this area.

There are a number of underlying causes for the cankles condition. The most common causes tend to be hereditary predisposition, obesity, edema during pregnancy and water retention. No matter the cause of your excess ankle fat, you can count on our staff and the experience of Dr. Zemplenyi to get you the beautiful results that you are looking for.

Cankle liposuction treatments are just now becoming popular with people who want to have a much better look to their lower leg. If you are interested in seeing if you are a good candidate for this procedure, all you have to do is set up a time to visit Bel-Red Center for Aesthetic Surgery to have an initial consultation.

If you are looking for information regarding liposuction for cankles in Bothell, call us today at Bel-Red Center for Aesthetic Surgery at (425)358-4164 so that you can come in to discuss your options.