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Less Pain, More Gain

Here at the Bel-Red Center for Aesthetic Surgery we do not agree with the axiom “no pain, no gain” — quite the opposite. In addition to local and topical anesthetics, cooling and the smallest-diameter needles (32 gauge), we have added another technique in our unending quest to provide the utmost in comfort for our patients: vibration, which has long been known to minimize pain.

It is hypothesized that vibration and touch receptors in the skin, when stimulated, block transmission of pain stimuli to the brain.  Dr. Zemplenyi has applied this observation for use in cosmetic procedures.

The technique is particularly useful in patients who may be averse to injections, becoming apprehensive at the prospect of an impending injection.  Therefore, Dr. Zemplenyi has been using vibration anesthesia to reduce discomfort during injection procedures such as filler volumization or botulinum toxin treatment or even during suture removal.

The vibratory anesthesia is painlessly applied through a handheld wand contacting the area to be treated. The resulting analgesia removes some of the associated anxiety, allowing care in a more relaxed, comfortable setting. Even needle-phobic patients can have an easier time with anesthetic injections.  And best of all, there are absolutely no side effects except maybe a tickle!

We may not have you laughing during your procedure, but our Bellevue and Seattle plastic surgery clients can rest assured that even though there is very little pain, there is much aesthetic gain.