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Get Luscious Lips for Valentine’s Day

Lip Augmentation in Bellevue, Washington

Lip Augmentation in Belleville, WashingtonValentine’s Day is fast approaching, and everyone is thinking about what to get and how to look their best for that special someone. While flowers and chocolates are nice, they can be cliché and humdrum. They also do not last, and chocolates may derail your lover’s diet resolutions.

If you’re interested in something both you and your Valentine might enjoy, consider lip augmentation. Dr. Zemplenyi can achieve the luscious lips you’ve always wanted through fillers, implants, and even fat transfer.


Fillers are injected using a thin cannula to add volume and plump the lips. Dr. Zemplenyi uses Restylane® or another hyaluronic acid filler such as JUVÉDERM® for lip augmentation. Additionally, the new Restylane Silk® can be used for further lip shape refinement. Generally, no dental block is needed; only minimal local anesthetic is used, and a numbing cream is also available for patients who are anxious about discomfort during the procedure. A dental block is, however, available for patients who want it. To further eradicate patient discomfort, Dr. Zemplenyi utilizes a new vibratory anesthesia device that vibrates during treatment to block pain receptors in the injected areas. The stimulation of the vibration receptors in the skin blocks the transmission of painful stimuli to the brain. After treatment, patients can immediately see their results and return to their normal activities with no downtime. The after-treatment swelling usually resolves within several days. The body then safely absorbs the fillers over time (usually within three to six months), so repeat treatments are needed to maintain results.


Lip implants are ideal for patients who want permanent lip augmentation. Dr. Zemplenyi performs lip augmentation with fillers prior to surgery to ensure the patient is satisfied with the results that they can achieve. Once the body absorbs the fillers, Dr. Zemplenyi can surgically perform lip augmentation with implants. Dr. Zemplenyi uses FDA-approved SurgiSil™ implants, which are made of a soft, solid silicone material and are not shaped. These are placed through one tiny incision inside each corner of the mouth, leaving no visible scarring. Fillers can also be combined with implants to achieve the patient’s desired lip size and shape.

Fat Transfer

Fat transfer (also called fat grafting) is available for lip augmentation for patients who desire fat transfer to rejuvenate other areas of their face as well. Dr. Zemplenyi uses the innovative “squeezed fat” technique to provide the most effective results. After lipoharvesting (harvesting fat through liposuction), the fat is specially prepared for injection with a technique that selects the newer, more immature fat cells that are more likely to survive. The fat is then carefully injected into the lips for long-term enhancement.

If you’re interested in lip augmentation for yourself or to give as a gift this Valentine’s Day, please call (425) 358-4164 or fill out our online contact form today! Dr. Zemplenyi has over 15 years of experience and is a triple board-certified cosmetic surgeon. He and his experienced staff at Bed-Red Center for Aesthetic Surgery look forward to providing you with the highest level of quality care.