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What can I expect post-procedure?


After the procedure, wearing of compression hose may be recommended. Walking is encouraged, although squatting and heavy lifting should be avoided. Strenuous exercise and hot baths should also be avoided for about a week. The injection site may be bruised initially, fading over several weeks.

What is the Sclerotherapy procedure?


During the procedure, sclerosing solution is injected into the veins, effectively closing them. The procedure is performed under bright light with good magnification for precise injection of the offending blood vessels. Depending on how many veins are involved, more than one injection will be necessary.

What is Sclerotherapy?


Sclerotherapy diminishes or eliminates small spider veins on the leg or ankle by injection of a sclerosing solution. This solution irritates the inside of the vein, closing it and eventually causing it to fade. Spider veins can also be ablated with laser treatment through the skin and the laser therapy may be combined with sclerotherapy.