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What is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is cosmetic surgery of the nose which sculpts the nose to enhance facial proportions and harmony. It is a procedure in which nasal features a person finds objectionable are adjusted by removing, repositioning or reshaping bone or cartilage. By altering various aspects of the nose, aesthetic nasal surgery can fashion a more attractive, balanced facial contour.  Surgery can be performed to correct:

  • An upturned, drooping, wide tip
  • Large, flared nostrils
  • Hump on dorsum
  • Nasal size in relation to facial features

In addition to enhancing appearance with cosmetic nasal surgery, those suffering from blocked airway passages can undergo functional nasal surgery to improve breathing. Functional nasal surgery such as correction of a deviated septum, the cartilage separating the inside of the nose, straightens the air passage to unblock airflow to achieve freer breathing. Cosmetic surgery to change the shape of the nose can be combined with functional surgery to improve breathing.