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What is the recovery time for facelift?

When your facelift is completed, a bandage will be placed around your face to minimize facial swelling and bruising.  A thin tube may be placed to collect any fluid or blood accumulations in underlying tissues.  The bandage and drain are usually removed the next day and sutures in seven to ten days.  There may be tightness or some discomfort, which in most patients, is easily controlled with oral pain medication, usually for no more than 24 to 48 hours.  Ice packs and elevation of the head help minimize bruising and swelling.  These gradually resolve over two weeks, although in some, the discoloration and neck tightness may last longer.  Patients can usually resume normal activities within one to two weeks.  Over three to four months after the facelift procedure, the skin re-drapes over the newly tightened underlying tissues to reveal the rejuvenated facial contour.