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How can I prepare for facelift?

Taking care of your well-being will make both the surgery and recovery easier. Thus eating a healthy diet, performing regular cardiovascular exercise, avoiding smoking and keeping weight under control will promote uncomplicated healing. If you are on blood pressure medications, your hypertension should be under good control. You need to avoid blood thinners including aspirin for about ten days prior to surgery. Herbal supplements and vitamin E should likewise be avoided for that amount of time prior surgery to minimize the possibility of bleeding.

We dedicate our pre-operative visit to review and counsel patients about all pertinent precautions. We require an electrocardiogram and a clearance by your primary care physician if you are over sixty and sometimes younger, as dictated by your particular health circumstances. Laboratory testing may also be indicated.

You will receive and our staff will review pre-operative instructions about medications and food intake for the night before and the morning of surgery. It is also important to arrange for post-operative care with someone to pick you up after the procedure and stay with you the night following surgery. Post-operative visits will be arranged and Dr. Zemplenyi is always on call at any time after surgery for questions and concerns.