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What can fat transfer accomplish?

In the face, fat injections can:

  • Plump cheeks, fill hollow eyelids or augment thin lips
  • Fill deep furrows to smooth the facial surface

Fat injection is a natural substitute for fillers such as Juvederm, Restylane, Radiesse and others.


In cosmetic uses for the breast, fat transfer can:

  • Augment breast size without the use of implants. About one cup size increase possible.
  • Enhance breast shape and cleavage
  • Smooth breast implant wrinkling

The amount of fat needed for lipo augmentation can be significant and requires liposuction of body areas with unwanted fat. The fat is harvested gently to enhance its survival in the recipient site.

In non-cosmetic uses for the breast:

  • The injected fat can correct lumpectomy or partial mastectomy defects.
  • The fibrosis and thinning of post-irradiation skin can be improved with fat grafting.


Fat grafting to the body can:

  • Augment and shape buttock (Brazilian Butt Lift)
  • Fill and smooth depressed scars on body, face or breast (scar treatment, scar revision)
  • Fill and smooth loss of tissue in back of hands
  • Repair and fill post-liposuction irregularities