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What can I expect during the lip augmentation procedure?

Filler injection can be performed quickly in the office with little downtime. The area to be injected is disinfected, any anesthetic to be used is applied and the filler is injected. Dr. Zemplenyi instead of a needle, uses a narrow cannula to decrease tissue trauma and increased comfort. Ice is then applied to the area to decrease swelling.

Fat injection or permanent lip implant require more time for the procedure and recovery afterward.

-Fat grafting involves liposuction of the area from which the fat is gathered, treatment of the gathered fat and injection into the recipient site.
-For permanent lip augmentation, local anesthetic is used to numb the area, a tiny incision is made in one inside corner of the mouth, a tunnel is dissected to the other side of the mouth and the implant is inserted through the newly made space. Scarring is not an issue because the tiny incisions are made on the inside of the mouth.