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What can I expect during the chemical peel procedure?

Light chemical peel:

The skin is first thoroughly cleaned, the chemical is then carefully applied across the treatment area with a small brush or gauze. After application, the peeling agent is left on the skin for several minutes, then neutralized and washed off. The sting which can be felt during the procedure is relieved by cooling the area with cool blown air.

Medium chemical peel:

A medium chemical peel is performed in much the same manner as a light peel, but the chemical agent may be left on for a longer time. The procedure may last 40 minutes. Because of deeper skin penetration, medium peels are more painful than the more superficial light peels. Cooling relieves the discomfort but oral medication may be needed for pain control during the procedure.

Deep chemical peel:

Because of the depth of skin penetration, as stated above, deep peels require sedation. Following proper anesthesia administration, the skin is meticulously cleaned, the chemical is applied and allowed to penetrate. After the appropriate amount of time, the chemical is neutralized and a thick coat of ointment is smoothed over the treated area with a gauze cover to keep the area moist and to minimize pain. The ointment and dressing are removed after two days and the process is repeated as needed while healing occurs. A deep peel may take 60 to 90 minutes to perform.