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Are there risks associated with gynecomastia surgery?


All surgical procedures carry some risks. These include infection, bleeding, blood clots and adverse reaction to anesthesia. Breast surgery may lead to loss of feeling in the nipples or breasts.  There may be need for revision surgery, asymmetrical breasts or nipples or scars. Consequences of the surgery will be discussed during your consultation.

What can I do to prepare for gynecomastia surgery?


Ceasing smoking as far in advance as possible before the procedure will encourage healing. It is also necessary to stop aspirin, some herbal supplements, Vitamin E and anti-inflammatory medication to reduce the chance for post-operative bleeding. A baseline mammogram is often recommended, as well. Detailed instructions will be provided to aid you in preparing for… Read More

How many treatments are necessary?


The number of needed sessions necessary to treat the condition depends on the size of the capillary network. The number varies from one treatment for smaller capillaries to several treatments for more extensive networks.