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Explore Rejuvapen and Microneedling to Rejuvenate Aged Skin

Micro-Needling Seattle RejuvenateIn some ways, we acquire “battle scars” as we age. These include:

  • Acne – during puberty, many of us experience pimples and the resulting effects of scars that last well into adulthood. Today, many young adults still suffer from this perennial skin issue.
  • Stretchmarks – starting a family has many rewards, but many women give up so much, including beautiful skin. Now that can all change with Rejuvapen Microneedling techniques. We’ll explore more about how it works below.
  • Wrinkles – fast forward to mid-adulthood, and many individuals, both men and women, acquire wrinkles. Can you turn back the hands of time?

Microneedling has been making waves with its effectiveness, but there’s even a better way: It’s known as Rejuvapen. It uses a pen-shaped device rather than a roller to concentrate treatment that is more targeted and effective.

Aging, and the signs of aging aren’t necessarily caused by worry and stress. As we get older, our collagen production as well as circulation decrease. Rejuvapen treatments promise to give the skin a boost with both collagen and elastin – and the results are dramatic.

How Rejuvapen Works

  1. The skin area is cleansed thoroughly. It should be noted that Rejuvapen can work on the face and all areas of the body. This includes under the eyes or brow lines too.
  2. Numbing agents are used to diminish any discomfort or pain that patients will experience.
  3. Sterile needles are strategically placed in a pen-shaped device, which then perforates the skin. This is made at a 2.5mm depth.
  4. Growth factors are added to the Rejuvapen treatment for extra stimulation of collagen and elastin.
  5. The perforations cause induced collagen production, and then, better looking skin.
  6. The needles are disposed of, to keep patients safe from infections.

The growth factors discussed in #4 can include Platelet Rich Plasma, in which case the patient’s blood is drawn and spun to separate certain blood nutrients that are applied to the skin to boost the skin’s appearance.

Some of the post-treatment effects include minimal needle bleeding, swelling, redness or sunburn, but these will usually go away after a day or two.

The treatment can be furthermore repeated after a month or a month and a half – to increase its effects. It is also useful for all skin types. Nevertheless, some individuals should not use Rejuvapen and this includes women who are pregnant, or individuals who have recently had radiation treatments.