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What to Expect with Breast Augmentation

BreastImplant2Breast augmentation is a very popular procedure. Essentially, breast augmentation covers implants, enlargements and augmentation mammoplasty to produce the desired results that can include:

  • Achieve a more balanced look, due to size differences in the breasts
  • Improve body image
  • Restore the shape of the breasts after a pregnancy or significant weight loss
  • Provide lift to sagging breasts

So, what can you expect during a breast augmentation procedure?

Pre-Operative Consultation

You will undergo a pre-operative consultation to help you become an active participant in the decision options including:

  • Where the incisions will be made — under the breast, in the underarm, through the nipple, or through the navel
  • Positioning of the implant — either under the breast tissue or under the pectoral muscle
  • Size and shape, including volume and profile (tapered or teardrop)
  • Selection of the type of implant — silicone or gel, along with a smooth versus textured surface for the implant.

Also, during this consultation you will undergo:

  • Evaluation of your overall health status
  • A baseline mammogram (may include an ultrasound exam)
  • Photographs for your medical records
  • Measurements of your breast size and shape

During the Augmentation Procedure

The first step in the procedure will be the administration of anesthesia. Your physician will have discussed your options including IV sedation or general anesthesia to recommend the best choice for you.

Incisions are then made in the previously chosen area. These areas are inconspicuous to reduce visible scarring.

The implant is then inserted into the breast, either under the muscle or behind the breast tissue. Where the implant is placed will be determined by the type of implant chosen.

The incisions are then closed using layered sutures in the breast tissue. Sutures, surgical tape or skin adhesive is used to close the incisions on the skin’s surface.

After the Augmentation Procedure

After the breast augmentation procedure, you should expect to feel tenderness and soreness. A compression dressing will be placed over the area, which will be removed a few days after surgery.

You can return to non-strenuous activity within a few days, and in about one to two weeks, you can return to your regular routine. There will be restrictions in place for approximately six weeks against heaving lifting. Recovery time will vary for each individual.

The final results of breast augmentation will not been seen for several months as the pockets surrounding the implants mature, and residual swelling subsides.