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Everett Liposuction Surgery – Smart Lipo Surgeon Procedures

With Bel Red Center for Aesthetic Surgery, our Everett Liposuction Surgery & cosmetic liposuction offers the opportunity to shape and better contour your body by removing excess fat. Certain areas on the body may develop unwanted fatty deposits when individuals lose and gain weight. These are often really impossible to get rid of with exercise and diet.

Everett Liposuction Surgery

Cosmetic Liposuction Techniques

Dr. Zemplenyi of Bel Red Center for Aesthetic Surgery assures that liposuction can be the long term removal option for these fatty deposits. Today there are several new techniques that assist plastic surgeons with results that are more precise and recovery times that are quicker for selected patients. These techniques include the super-wet technique, the tumescent technique, power-assisted lipoplasty (PAL) and ultrasound-assisted lipoplasty.

Who Is Liposuction For?

Patients with skin that still has tremendous elasticity or skin that is more youthful, will render the best results, although liposuction can be performed on patients of any age.

Liposuction is not a treatment for cellulite, which gives the skin a dimpled and uneven appearance, neither is it the answer to overall weight loss. It is a specifically designed procedure for the removal or decrease of fat cells that remain despite good nutrition and exercise. Patients who include proper nutrition and exercise in their postoperative regimen will obtain the best results once they have completed treatment at Bel Red Center.

Not everyone is going to get the same results from cosmetic liposuction surgery because of specific factors that affect each individual. These may include body type and skin elasticity. You are at greater risk of complications due to liposuction if you suffer from medical conditions such as poor blood circulation, lung or heart disease, or diabetes. Dr. Zemplenyi will discuss your medical history and current conditions in full before agreeing that liposuction is the appropriate option for your needs.

What Are The Risks?

With thousands of people undergoing cosmetic liposuction surgery every year, there exists a very low rate of complications from this procedure. Dr Zemplenyi will discuss the risks with you before you undergo the procedure. Making your liposuction experience as comfortable and easy as possible is the goal of your plastic surgeon and the clinic staff at Bel Red Center.

Postoperative Surgery

Normal exercise may be resumed in one or two weeks and work in only a few days. Your recovery depends on you individual conditioning and the extent of your liposuction. You will regain your self-confidence after the fatty deposits are removed through liposuction. You need to exercise patience while waiting for the final results of your liposuction, as the healing process is usually a gradual one.

If you continue to maintain your postoperative weight, your liposuction results will become long term. If you do pick up a little weight, it will most likely distribute more evenly instead of accumulating in a single problem area the way it did before. Patients who follow proper nutrition, exercise regularly and are motivated, usually have the best results.

You will be closely monitored in recovery at Everett Liposuction Surgery, once the procedure is completed. Medications for discomfort and prescriptions will be given to you to take home. You will be instructed about your liposuction bandages, how and when they can be removed for bathing and showering. Usually, most patients go home within hours, while few remain in the overnight facilities at Bel Red Center. For more information or to schedule your consultation, contact Bel Red Center today at (425)358-4164!