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Dysport ®ister;- an alternative to Botox ®ister;| Facial Rejuvenation

Following many years of Botox as the sole botulinum A substance available in the United States the FDA just approved Dysport ®, imported into the US by Medicis along with Restylane and Perlane, for injections of the glabellar region of the forehead.

Dysport has been widely used in Europe for many years. Compared to Botox it has a faster onset of action, and when used in a concentration 3:1 ratio Dysport to Botox units it appears to have a comparable duration to Botox. Our preliminary results are favorable, and patient satisfaction with the effect of Dysport is high. At Bel-Red Center for Aesthetic Surgery our injections of Dysport are priced to be equal to Botox when used in the 3:1 ratio –but join our e-mail list for special promotions and discounts.

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