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Considering Neck Liposuction

bel-red-liposuction-neckGetting rid of unwanted fat is a goal that many people have as they struggle with weight loss efforts, exercise methods and changes in diet. Losing fat can be challenging, and even if you’re doing everything right as far as working out and eating well is concerned, there are still those stubborn fatty spots on your body that just won’t cooperate no matter how hard you may try. In such situations, liposuction is often the solution for getting a leaner, more contoured appearance. Liposuction technology has made many advances in past years and can be used on nearly every area of the body to create a more youthful, tighter, more toned appearance.

Who is a good candidate for neck liposuction?

Though tumescent liposuction is commonly thought of as a procedure for removing fat in areas such as around the abdomen, thighs and buttocks, it and laser liposuction are frequently used to help contour areas of the face and neck. The neck with a double chin, is a spot that can struggle with extra fatty deposits which may create a bulging, saggy appearance obliterating a sharp, smooth contour. Neck liposuction procedures can be performed on the neck area alone or paired with a facelift or neck lift to shape, tighten and lift.

Candidates for neck liposuction are those in whom fat deposits create a lack of definition in the jaw line or those with a double chin. People with a double chin, a “turkey neck”, loose skin on their neck or neck banding are great candidates for combination treatment of neck liposuction and necklift or facelift. Younger patients with more elastic skin realize better results with liposuction since the more elastic skin can better conform to the newly created shape. However, laser liposuction can help tighten and firm, helping the skin mold to the sculpted underlying tissue.

What is the recovery for liposuction?

Patients are generally able to leave the surgical center within an hour of surgery. The contoured area is compressed to help maintain its newly acquired shape. Any bruising and swelling gradually resolve over a week with the final shape attained over the next weeks or months as the swelling decreases. However, the results can be seen immediately and improve with time as the remaining swelling gradually resolves. The compression garments or dressing are worn for several days or weeks, depending on the treated area, to speed healing and maintain the desired contour. After the procedure, patients are encouraged to walk and can usually return to their normal activities and go back to work in less than a week.