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Consider the New Silhouette Facelift

Pic SilhouetteMany people are experiencing the inevitable signs of aging — cheeks that are starting to sag and those unattractive lines and wrinkles, often making us feel older than our age.

There is a new facelift procedure that can give you back a more youthful look, but without the downside of traditional facelifts, such as general anesthesia, hospitalization, and long recovery times.

The Silhouette lift is a new FDA-approved procedure that uses a local anesthetic, can be completed in about 45 minutes and does not require a hospital stay. The Silhouette Lift offers rejuvenation effects for mild to moderate aging signs.

Unlike traditional thread lifts, this procedure does not use barbed sutures. Rather bio-absorbable cones on a suture are placed just under the skin’s surface to allow for suspension and lifting effects. The sutures are placed in a deeper layer in the temple area that will be hidden by the hair. With the Silhouette procedure, mid-cheek tissues and other similar areas such as the eyebrows can be lifted without visible scars.

The cones are biocompatible and absorbable and cause less trauma that traditional facelifts and thread lifts that use barbed sutures. In about six months, the cones will be fully absorbed by the body, and only the small suture threads will remain.

Results of the Silhouette Lift

Most patients will experience near immediate results from the lift. Generally, patients are able to go back to their regular routine and activities within two to three days, with a full recovery made in two weeks.

Due to the unique sutures used by the Silhouette Lift, the results will be long lasting. However, as you know, the aging process cannot be permanently stopped, so the lift may need to be maintained to keep the effects. With a simple and quick procedure, the sutures of the Silhouette Lift can be retightened. The youthful appearance can also be maintained with dermal fillers, laser skin resurfacing, and skin care products.

The Silhouette Lift is an ideal procedure for men and women looking for an alternative to traditional, more invasive facelifts. Most patients are seeing mild to moderate sagging in the lower to middle facial areas. Most are between the ages of 35 and 60; however, age is not a factor for eligibility for the procedure.

Consult with an experienced surgeon to see if it is right for you.