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Bothell Liposuction Surgery – Smart Lipo Procedures

Bothell Liposuction Surgery - Smart Lipo ProceduresBothell Liposuction Surgery
is the surgical method of fat aspiration. It involves a small incision superficial of the deep subcutaneous fat. It is the most common type of plastic surgery, being used by many persons from all over the world. Here at Bel Red Center for Aesthetic Surgery clinic we can guarantee best results for our patients.

How long is the hospitalization?

A minor liposuction does not require hospitalization, can be performed in inpatient outpatient. A more important liposuction (when taking away more than 1 kg of fat) require medical surveillance for 48 hours.

Body areas where liposuction is performed

The most common areas where liposuction is practiced hips and thighs. It is more practical this way but it can also be applied in the neck, breasts, abdomen and knees areas. We assure you of the best results regardless of the area on which it is performed.

How is it done?

Usually performed under general anesthesia, but occasionally can be performed under local anesthesia. Small incisions are made in hidden areas that allow the introduction of medical instruments. First layer of fat is fluidized by injecting a mixture of substances. Subsequently suction device is inserted and remove the fat you want.

How long does the surgery take?

The surgery lasts about 1-2 hours for each area over where it occurs.

How we feel after surgery?

We encourage patients to start moving as soon as the anesthetic effect disappeared. In patients who have been extracted an important layer of fat are recommended to stay in hospital overnight.

Recommendations postoperative

The area has undergone surgery is protected by a special dressing, applied very tight. This special dressing plays a role in establishing a new silhouette or outline of the area over which intervened in preventing blood or other fluid to accumulate in the aspirated This special dressing should be worn continuously two weeks after surgery and another month most of the time. Physical effort is forbidden in this time period.

Other types of liposuction

Ultrasonic liposuction – Ultrasounds are used to break the fat. Suction operation will be faster and cleaner, but skin burns may occur in areas with a thicker layer of skin.

Oscillating liposuction – The fat layer is mechanically destroyed by inserting a tube that produces high frequency vibrations fast. Thus the fat is removed quickly and there is no risk of skin burns.

What procedure should we choose?

Bel Red Center for Aesthetic Surgery determines required procedure by a combination of factors: exact area over which it occurs, the amount of fat to be removed, total weight, skin and muscle tone consistency, the type of distribution of fat deposits, medical history, eating habits, oscillations weight in time, the existence or not of a drug treatment followed … The procedure will be chosen by your plastic surgeon.

It is best to talk to us about the operation so that we can clear all your worries and explain you the process in detail. It is also a good idea to see some photos of before/after results as to get an idea of the results involved. And this is what you have to know about Bothell Liposuction Surgery. More more information regarding Bothell Liposuction Surgery, contact Bel Red Center today at (425)358-4164.