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Bellafill fillers in Redmond

As Americans show no sign of  throwing in the towel in the fight against old age, the multi-billion-dollar anti-aging skincare industry is thriving. One area where this is particularly true is with respect to the increased popularity of dermal fillers. Advancements in technology and science have made it possible for patients to experience a visible reduction in wrinkles, lines, loose skin and scarring from acne – without surgery and the associated recovery time. Bellafill is one specific type of dermal filler; and Dr. Zemplenyi and the medical team at the Bel-Red Center for Aesthetic Surgery specialize in the successful administration of this highly sought-after treatment. For more information regarding Bellafill fillers in Redmond, reach out to Bel-Red today to schedule an evaluation and consultation.

In youth, our skin cells consist of an ample supply of water, collagen, fat and hyaluronic acid – giving our skin volume and suppleness. As we age, our skin loses more and more of what it needs to stay elastic and youthful looking. Dermal fillers are used to enhance volume by restoring some of the skin’s lost components.

Bellafill ® is unique in that it is the only filler and collagen inducer with the potential to last five years. Dr. Zemplenyi recommends Bellafill for patients seeking long-lasting results that don’t require surgery.

At the Bel-Red Center for Aesthetic Surgery, we offer access to the latest technology and developments in aesthetic surgery and non-surgical treatments. When determining a course of action, Dr. Zemplenyi takes into account each individual patient’s needs, areas of concern, desires and budget.
To learn more about Bellafill fillers in Redmond, contact the Bel-Red Center for Aesthetic Surgery at (425) 358-4164 to schedule a consultation to discuss your options.