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A Nose Job for a Real Job?

While no replacement for résumé writers, career counselors or recruiters, cosmetic surgeons can help people get jobs too.  Of course, going through with nose surgery for a new profile isn’t necessarily going to make you the best employee but appearance definitely affects your confidence and does make the first impression in an interview.

If you’re considering ways to boost your marketability, here are four reasons why cosmetic enhancements could help you put your best face forward:

  • Your nose: You don’t want your nose to be the one thing people remember about you.  People may not remember a perfect nose but an unsightly one could make a more memorable impression.  And your nose, a prominent facial feature, contributes to that first impression.  If your nose has a bump, if it’s been broken, or you simply can’t breathe well, revamping of any of these aspects with a rhinoplasty could boost your confidence as well as your quality of life.  Of the procedures we do here in Bellevue and Seattle, nasal surgery is one that combines function and aesthetics. 
  • Your Age: While age discrimination is illegal, prospective employers may pass judgment on your skills, adaptability, and flexibility at first glance.  For those wanting to hide a few years, a little bit of facial filler to smooth out the wrinkles of time could help focus an interviewer away from your age, and more on what you can bring to the team. Injectable dermal fillers such as Restylane and Juvederm plump cheeks, fill lips while Botox erases lines and wrinkles to present a more youthful you.
  • Your Eyes: Your windows to the world, your eyes, are also one of the first areas of the face to reflect the passing of time.  Drooping upper lids, sagging lower lids, lines around the eyes, can project a tired, drowsy or angry look, not the refreshed, alert bearing you want to present. Eyelid lift, eyelid tightening (blepharoplasty), alone or combined with facial dermal fillers or Botox can restore a rejuvenated, rested look for your potential employer to see.
  • Your Skin: Facial blemishes can scar more than just the skin of your face-they can damage self-esteem and discomfit interactions with others.  A job applicant may feel that those red spots, depressed scars, or brown blotches are all that the interviewer sees, but fortunately numerous techniques exist to minimize these flaws. Those struggling with their skin can transform embarrassment into self-confidence through various facial peels, laser resurfacing procedures, or acne scar subcisions to correct and improve the offending imperfections.  The aspiring employee can then truly put her best face and confidence forward.

So if you’re job hunting or planning a move up in your career, ask yourself, “Can investing in cosmetic surgery bring big payoffs for the future of my career?” It’s a good question and we’d be happy to help in any way we can. Contact our office today if you are interested in improving your appearance and potentially enhancing your career.