Bel Red Center for Aesthetic Surgery
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Our Surgical Facility

our-surgical-facilityDr. Zemplenyi believes that safety and comfort are paramount to the successful outcome of the surgical experience. To that end, Bel-Red Ambulatory Surgical Facility, an Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC), is licensed by the State of Washington as well as certified by Medicare. Our surgical center is inspected by these entities and held to the highest level of standards for patient safety, infection control and privacy.

Dr. Zemplenyi, a member of the Board of Trustees of the Washington Ambulatory Surgical Center Association (WASCA), is a leader in the promotion of standards for patient safety and well-being.

While most cosmetic surgery is performed in doctors’ offices, these offices may not be regulated and are thus not monitored for safety standards. With two operating rooms and recovery areas equipped with state-of-the-art monitoring equipment, Bel-Red Ambulatory Surgical Facility adheres to the highest regulatory standards for your safety and well-being. Our operating rooms employ a positive pressure ventilation system for infection control and a generator to automatically provide power to the operating theater in case of power failure, ensuring a safe completion to the surgical journey.

We also offer advanced technology with the latest three wavelength Smartlipo Triplex™ lipolysis system, as well as various laser skin resurfacing technologies.

With the goals of patient safety and well-being, we are proud to maintain our Medicare certification and state-licensure. When you choose a surgeon, be sure that the facility where your surgeon operates carries the licensure and certification denoting adherence to the highest safety standards.